About this site

I’ve been using Ember.js for a couple of years now and along with finding it a great javascript framework have also found the community to be exceptionally friendly and helpful.

Since the beginning I’ve been collecting useful links as and when I came across them and initially set up a very basic github repository to make them publicly available.

The problem with this approach was that as the amount of resources grew trying to categorize the links became increasingly difficult, mainly articles overlapped several categories.

Instead, I switched to using a (still active) twitter account, which has been great for keeping up with the latest links and proved popular.

Once again this approach has it’s downsides. Searching the archives of tweets isn’t much fun and there is no categorization.

My goal was to make a dedicated website where all the links are available, tagged and dated — where you could browse or search for something specific.

Ideally I’d use Ember for the site, but until Fastboot lands I feel like this simple Rails site is an OK compromise for now.

This is my small attempt to pay something back into the community.

I’d love to get any feedback, it is most definitely a work in progress so with any suggestions.